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11/02/2004: "Zogby trends: no help."

I recall hearing on Sean Hannity's radio show (from Zogby, I nopw believe) that trands matter; clear trends emerge in the 10 days leading to the election.

So I formatted Zogby's tracking polls to highlight trends in the 10 states Zogby is tracking.

Few trends have emerged:

CO9Bumpy Bush trend
FL27Bumpy Kerry trend; late Bush push
IA7Bumpy Kerry trend
MI17Kerry to start and end; Bush in the middle
MN10Kerry to start and end; Bush in the middle
NM5All Bush until 10/31; late Kerry trend
NV5All Bush
OH20Bush to start and end; Kerry in the middle
PA21All Kerry
WI10Bush trend

These uncertain trends make it too close to call. Plus, this is Zogby only. That said, things do not look good for Bush.


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