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11/17/2004: "Fallujah: The Beginning of the End"

Prompted by a Command Post piece.

Reminds me of that whack-a-mole game from roadside carnivals. There are nine holes on a 3/2' (/12 meter) board; mole pops up and a the player is supposed to whack the mole on the head with a hammer.

These terrorists keep popping up wherever. I have every confidence that they are being hammered down pretty quickly. I wonder if our friends the Brits get to play this time?

This also reminds me of a EEE 105 lecture (ecology was one of the E's). If a farmer is to cut down a hedgerow between fields, the time to do it is in winter, not summer. In summer, the hedgerow is home to all sorts of plant eating bugs; cutting the hedgerow in summer actually increases crop loss, as the newly homeless bugs find other plants to nest in.

We just took down one heck of a hedgerow in Fallujah. Now we're getting the bugs in their new nesting sites. This is good.


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